The Rietti system is made with PP-R (Random copolymer polypropylene Type 3). It is a thermoplastic material with great technical potentialities, which offers many advantages such as:

  • Exceptional workability and elasticity;
  • Perfect weldability and homogeneity of the junction;
  • Resistance to corrosion and chemical agents;
  • No encrustations;
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity;
  • Maximum hygiene and non-toxicity;
  • Resistance to high temperatures;
  • High performance and durable over the years;
  • Absence of solid, liquid or gaseous waste;
  • No smells or flavors;
  • Abrasion resistance;

Once melted, the PPR is extruded into tubes or moulded into fittings. Rietti Group selects the best raw material on the market, certified and in conformity with the contact with drinking water, ensuring the superior quality of each individual product. The entire production line is constantly checked and tested in every step of the way, to guarantee the maximum functionality of the system.

Thanks to its versatility, the PPR Rietti system is used in hundreds of buildings, both Italian and foreign, in the civil and industrial fields. It is installed in houses, condominiums, hospitals, factories and schools. In particular, it is used for the construction of:

  • Hot and cold drinking water distribution plants in the civil and industrial sectors;
  • Conveying of potable and calcareous waters, oily, corrosive and alimentary liquids in the industrial sector;
  • Heating systems;
  • Air conditioning systems;
  • Compressed air systems;
  • Irrigation systems in the agricultural sector;
  • Means of transport;
  • Pools