It all started back in 1974 when a simple but brilliant man, Antonio Rietti, put his skills and intuition to good use by patenting devices of his own invention for the construction of heating systems after a period spent in Milan, where he refined his skills in the hydraulic sector.
We are talking about copper manifolds especially for the Italian market, in a mainly handmade reality. The initial production was immediately accompanied by an intense research activity, encouraged by experiments and inventions by Antonio Rietti.

Many of these ideas have turned into patents for the construction of heating systems. Over the years we have adjusted skills and production lines to the continuous evolution of the reference markets, becoming a primary company in the thermo-hydraulic sector. Today we make use of the experience gained in more than 30 years of activity; we are a leading company in the supply of thermo-hydraulic solutions. Our company offers its customers a range of high quality products according to ISO 9000 standards.


RIETTI GROUP SRL is currently one of the first producers of pipes and fittings for polypropylene sanitary systems. His activity of study and production began in the early 60s. The RIETTI products are made of PPR polypropylene, the material designed for the needs of internal water systems and central heating from design to plant engineering.

The study of materials began in the early 60s, from galvanized iron pipes to copper and the use of the new PPR RIETTI system. The study and design of the brass fittings for the PPR system presents items that are produced from ½ “up to 4” Internally at our factory for a complete range of PPR pipes, PPR / ALUMINUM pipes, PPR / FIBERGLASS pipes, PPR / UV pipes (coating for sun protection).

The studied fittings are produced from 20 mm diameter to 110 mm diameter as well as complementary products also the production of the welding system for welding the system itself is built entirely at our factory all Made in Italy. The highest quality of the RIETTI GROUP SRL products is certified by an external research institute. RIETTI GROUP SRL has implemented a quality path certified by authorized bodies (ISO 9001 and ISO 15874). A true traceability of the products, starting from the acquisition of the raw material, to the production and marketing of the same. Products that are guaranteed to last for up to 50 years. The wide range of available diameters (20-110mm) makes it possible to build the hydro-sanitary system in boats, shopping centers, tourist villages, hospitals, schools, hotels, laboratories, offices, condominiums, public housing etc …


Rietti Group develops and manufactures a wide and diversified range of high quality products in the field of plastics processing. The production activity is characterized by the careful selection of raw materials, the traceability and the great customization of each product.

Currently we can distinguish 4 types of products:

  • Pipes and fittings in PP-R (Random copolymer Polypropylene – type 3);
  • Welding Machines for pipes and fittings Junction;
  • Brass inserts;
  • Pipes in PPH.

Rietti Group devotes great attention to the issues of health and respect for the environment. A safe and tidy workplace, perfect maintenance of technical tools, a state-of-the-art air conditioning system, full compliance with regulations on pollution and waste disposal, are the indispensable conditions for us and our employees to continue to do a good job.
The entire production process, from the rigorous selection of raw materials to the processing of pipes and fittings, is constantly monitored by sector specialists, who continually ascertain the high reliability of the finished product.


RIETTI GROUP SRL is a family industrial company that has evolved over the years to become a reference in the plastics industry. We are born of perseverance and passion for work. In fact, the active and proactive attitude permeates every single employee and collaborator. Our mission is to adopt quality, technology and flexibility to be able to satisfy every competitive market and to guarantee maximum functionality, quality and durability. Thanks to its versatility, the PP-R Rietti system can be used in various application fields. We are particularly specialized in the production of Hydro-sanitary systems for the construction of structures in civil and industrial matters, for irrigation and agriculture.

The use of modern technological machinery and precise work procedures allow us to create a product in compliance with current regulations and able to satisfy any type of need.

Company policy can be focused on three essential points:

  • Strong attention to customer needs;
  • Improvement of production cycle capacity;
  • Maintenance of company certification.

Year after year, we aim to the maximum with regard to technological implementation and improvement of the production system, always having an eye for craftsmanship and artisan experience.
Italy is the country of inventor’s ingenuity. Tradition and Italian style are known and admired all over the world, as well as the Made in Italy brand. Our Italian identity is the real added value, the real competitive advantage of Rietti Group. An Italian product is immediately recognizable by the attention to detail and aesthetic values that it expresses.